URB EGG-café

A new summer means a new URB EGG Café. After the warehouses at the DuPont site (2015), the Gentpoort (2016), the Station Park (2017) and the Poortersloge (Burghers' Lodge) (2018), it is time to explore a new location. And what a location!

This year the URB EGG-café is opening right in the city centre, in front of the monumental Stadsschouwburg. In the shadow of this impressive cultural institution, you can pause for a while, participate in one of the free events, enjoy the vibrant city life… or simply relax and quench your thirst.

Open 11.00 > 22.00


The Bruges Triennial strives for maximal, smooth and easy accessibility for people with a disability. The URB EGG-café is wheelchair accessible. Guide dogs are welcome.

29 jun - 8 sep | Monday > Sunday, incl. public holidays: 11.00 > 22.00

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In the summer of 2019, fortnightly Sunday discussions of four key concepts will be held with artists, architects, writers, performers, organisers and policy makers from various sectors. Under the title Encounter with, each of these events will follow a fixed formula: in the morning the input of three guest speakers will spark a discussion and this will be followed in the afternoon by a structured organised activity.