Fly's treasures

In collaboration with Mastiek, you can download a free audiotour from 1 July, which will take you along the installations of Bruges Triennial and spark your imagination. The route of tour will be mapped by students of the primary school Spermalie and will be filled with imaginative interpretations, made-up stories and hidden voices. For children aged between 6 and 12 (and 4 with help from parents). Only available in Dutch.

Luisterwandeling 2
© Thomas De Baere

What is Fly's treasures

TRIBRU24 is developing the free listening walk for Fly's treasures. This is the family label of UiTinVlaanderen, developed by publiq vzw. Fly's treasures wants more people to experience leisure and culture outdoors.

About Bruges Triennial 2024: Spaces of Possibility

From 13 April to 1 September, Bruges Triennial 2024: Spaces of Possibility takes to the streets of Bruges and Zeebrugge with contemporary art and architecture.

More info on the programme can be found here.