Joanna Malinowska & C.T. Jasper

Portret Joanna Malinowska C T Jasper

The artistic practice of Joanna Malinowska (b. 1972, Gdynia, PL) and C.T. Jasper (b. 1971, Gdańsk, PL) stems from a shared interest in anthropology. Their sculptures, performances and video projects often refer in a playful manner to their view of anthropological fieldwork and current scientific methods. In addition, themes such as (art) history, cultural conflict and music play an important role in their work. Joanna Malinowska has received several awards for her work, including from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. She mostly works with her partner C.T. Jasper, who, like her, is from Poland.

Who is afraid of Natasha?

With Who's Afraid of Natasha? Joanna Malinowska and C.T. Jasper explore the idea of collective consciousness.

Joanna Malinowska en C T Jasper Who is afraid of Natasha Triennale Brugge 2021 Stad Brugge Matthias Desmet