Jon Lott

Portret John Lott

Affiliated to various institutions, Jon Lott (b. 1975, US) does not allow himself to be pigeonholed as an architect. He is working as an Associate Professor of Architecture at Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. Jon Lott is also the founder of PARA Project, an architectural firm based in New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Each project takes shape through the efforts of a diverse group of partners and is also driven by the curiosity and specific needs of its clients. PARA experiments with different media and participates in cultural, residential and institutional projects. Jon Lott is also a co-founder of Collective-LOK, also known as CLOK, an interdisciplinary collaboration that reflects on architectural challenges and seeks to translate them into form.

The Bruges Diptych

An architectural doppelgänger floats on the waters of Bruges.

Jon Lott The Bruges Dyptich 2021 c Triennale Brugge 2021 Jasper van het Groenewoud