Nadia Naveau

Portret Nadia naveau

Sculptor Nadia Naveau (b. 1975, Brugge, BE) is known for her diverse experiments with form, colour and various materials, including ceramics, bronze and polyester. Resembling three-dimensional collages, her sculptures display an eclectic nature that evoke various associations. For her multiform images, which also explore the spectrum between the figurative and abstract dimensions, the artist draws inspiration from past and present visual culture. The subtle inclusion of visual references during the creation process always results in layers. It is not unusual for people to recognise both Disney characters and sculptures by classical masters in one and the same sculpture. Nadia Naveau's work is like a story that can never be fully understood, and occupies the middle ground between serenity and chaos, between the hideous and the beautiful. In this way, her oeuvre offers an alternative answer to the incessant consumption of images in the 21st century.

Les Niches Parties

Shiny masks and coloured ribbons reflect in the water. It is a playful welcome to every passer-by.

Nadia naveau
© Matthias Desmet