Triennale Brugge 2018 selgascano pavilion 2 Foto Iwan Baan 1

selgascano pavilion

An organic structure with pink translucent walls coloured the Bruges Coupure.

Next to the Coupure, the installation of the Spanish architectural firm selgascano catched the eye. The organic structure with pink, orange and yellow transparent walls lended colour to the water and formed an ideal spot to take a rest. Although the canal is still navigable today and forms a link between the Ringvaart (outer canal system) and the city centre, the sluice gates here are for the most part kept closed. This floating pavilion was in the summer of 2018 an ideal place for adults and children to wade in or venture a splash in the canals.



The Spanish architects José Selgas (b. 1965, Madrid, ES) and Lucía Cano (b. 1965, Madrid, ES) studied architecture at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura. Before the creation of selgascano Studio in 1998, Selgas worked with Francesco Venezia in Naples.