The Bruges Triennal 2015 changes the perception of the city


In the aftermath of the 2015 Triennial, a study into the image of the city was ordered.

Triennale 2015 imago

This M.A.S study shows a shift in the city's perception with nearly 40 procent of the tourists characterize Bruges as 'modern, fashionable and trendy', next to it being 'historic' and 'picturesque'.

Inhabitants of Bruges (the centre and all suburban areas) were questioned separately. 66% of them visited one or more installations or exhibitions of the Triennial and 86% declared that these temporary contemporary artworks did affect the image of Bruges in a positive way. This last statement was very much what the Triennial envisaged.

Triennial Bruges 2015 brought a lively contemporary new vibe to the city, that we are determined to continue.