Amanda Browder

Portret amanda Browder

Amanda Browder (b. 1976, Missoula, US), lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her artistic interventions in urban environments. People worldwide discover her large-scale textile installations on various architectural forms, such as buildings and bridges. The artist always tries to involve local people in her creation process from the very beginning. Creating together is inseparable from her oeuvre and each installation comes about in this way. The textile sculptures consist of collected or donated materials, such as pieces of fabric and cloth, which she arranges and sews together with local communities. The monumental artworks are conceived for a location and the creation process is driven by Amanda Browder's impressions of the city. The rich history of a place or a walk through different neighbourhoods are her main sources of inspiration, as are the personal stories shared during the co-creation moments. In this way, an amalgam of various colours and diverse shapes transforms into an impressive patchwork that respectfully integrates itself into the historical and social fabric of a city.

Happy Coincidences

Amanda Browder connects the present with the past in a digital textile installation composed of a mix of patterns and colours.

Amanda Browder Happy Coincidences Triennale Brugge 2021 Stad Brugge Matthias Desmet 1