Amanda Browder Happy Coincidences Triennale Brugge 2021 Stad Brugge Matthias Desmet 1
Amanda Browder

Happy Coincidences

Amanda Browder connects the present with the past in a digital textile installation composed of a mix of patterns and colours.

Happy Coincidences consisted of four installations : one permanent installation on the Verversdijk and three temporary installations at various locations. The digital textile installation on the Verversdijk connects the past with the present in a sublime manner. This installation was a reference to the dyers who used the Reie during the Middle Ages to dye Flemish cloth. The abstract work, featuring bright colours and playful patterns, came to life in collaboration with the people of Bruges. Photos of fabric and objects were collected to allow the artist to make a design that was then printed on architectural mesh.

Portret amanda Browder

Amanda Browder

Amanda Browder (b. 1976, Missoula, US), lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her enormous textile installations, which adorn bridges, walls, homes and public spaces in urban environments all over the world.