Bangkok Project Studio

Boonserm Premthada Spaceshift Studio
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Bangkok Project Studio was established by Boonserm Premthada (b. 1966, Bangkok, TH) in 2003. It is now one of Thailand’s most influential architecture firms. Departing from a sustainable, holistic approach, his architecture bridges the historical and contemporary, human and natural, indoor and outdoor. By playing with scale and sensory experience, Bangkok Project Studio aims to take users on a spatially orchestrated journey that slows them down, enables them to focus on their surroundings, and allows them to dream of more.

Bangkok Project Studio represented Thailand at the Venice Architecture Biennial in 2021 with A House for Human and a House for Elephants. The practice also won Milan’s the Golden Madonnina Design Prize in the category of Social Impact.

The tower of balance

The tower of balance by Boonserm Premthada of Thailand’s Bangkok Project Studio is inspired by his visit to Bruges’ 13th-century Belfry. His 18-metre-high contemporary bell tower, with three wooden viewing platforms, both marks and gives meaning to a little-known stretch of greenery.

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