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The fourth edition of the Bruges Triennial – Spaces of Possibility – explores the latent potential of the city. How can a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where preservation is central, deal with concepts such as change and sustainability, and how can contemporary art and architecture create a new framework for these processes?

Twelve international artists and architects take a close look at the morphology of Bruges, map out its lacunae and are redefining – if only temporarily – some of the city’s un(der)used or scarcely noticed locations. With their artistic interventions and large-scale installations, they connect urban districts, demonstrate new forms of use and search for beauty in typically overlooked places.

The works – primarily around the city centre and West-Bruges and one in Zeebrugge – address its history, its rich patrimony and create new social, societal and ecological narratives that can initiate further sustainable transformation – not only for Bruges, but also for cities worldwide.

Bruges Triennial 2024: Spaces of Possibility is an invitation to leave the familiar terrain, find inspiration and be amazed at how things can be done. An exercise in imagination; a glimpse of what Bruges, and cities in general, can be, both today and in the future.

Curators: Shendy Gardin (b. 1987, Bruges, BE), Sevie Tsampalla (b. 1977, Kos, GR)

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Artists and architects