Triennale Brugge 2018 Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz BRUG 1 foto Matthias Desmet
Jarosław Kozakiewicz


Two faces meet on the water. They create a place for new – often unexpected – encounters.

With the many bridges that span the canals in the city centre and link neighbourhoods with each other, BRUG by Jarosław Kozakiewicz is a contemporary interpretation with another function. Instead of bricks and cobblestones, the artist used metal profiles and canvas to create a bridge on which you can cross from one side of the canal to the other. This did not mean, however, that you could simply continue your journey. The bridge brought you closer to the statue of Niobe by Constant Permeke, to a place where you could pause briefly but then had to retrace your steps. The installation was a place of encounter, an alternative spot to cross paths and even start a conversation.

The structure’s design is based on a proportional system in which every intersection of two lines points to a point on a human face. Every corner, every connection is a snapshot of a movement : two faces approaching each other – a geometrical metaphor both for a mutual encounter of two human beings and a meeting between the future and the past. Relationships between people and their deep meaning are a starting point for artistic experiment that Jarosław Kozakiewicz has been engaged in for a few years. The project is based on searching for new sculpting and para-architectural forms by manipulation of a module created by joining the orifices of the human head. Bodily orifices are a metaphor of "the inner life", they represent the entrance to the world of personal experience. The borders/ passages are both first and last moments of mutual encounters.

Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz

Jarosław Kozakiewicz

Jarosław Kozakiewicz (b. 1961, Białystok, PL) studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he graduated in 1989 and currently teaches. In 1997 he earned his PhD degree.