Triennale 1974
Bruges Triennial 1974

Triennial 3. Informative Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Belgium

The third edition of the triennial in 1974, appropriately titled Triennial 3. Informative Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Belgium, was a break from the previous two editions in a few ways. For example, the exhibition did not take place in the City Halls but rather in the less centrally located Beurshalle. The choice of this new building – with considerably more space than the City Halls – also had to do with the somewhat modified concept of the triennial. Whereas previously all artworks were displayed in an open exhibition space, now the artists were each given their own space that they could arrange according to their preferences. In addition, the Beurshalle also provided a childcare center, youth studio, documentation center and cafeteria.

The number of participating artists was also reduced to 44, but still with some established names such as Marcel Broodthaers, Panamarenko and Roger Raveel. In addition, a number of young, emerging artists were also chosen to present their work.

This third edition was the last for the time being. Although there were plans for a fourth edition in 1977 with international ambitions, it did not take place. It would eventually take until 2015 before a triennial was organised again.