About our partners

For TRIBRU24, Bruges Triennial collaborates with four local cultural partners. Together, they are developing a city-wide programme with Spaces of Possibility as the common thread.

We are delighted to present their programme:

Poortersloge Zwerfruimte Rode Spits

Cultuurcentrum Brugge
The memory as a building

In the Burghers’ Lodge, Cultuurcentrum Brugge brings together six artists with Bruges roots for The memory as a building. Pierre Goetinck, Lisa Ijeoma, Joke Raes, Jasper Rigole, Ria Verhaeghe and Willy Vynck set to work in the historic rooms and present new work in which concepts such as collecting, archiving and conservation are linked to art historical themes, both personal and/or social. Together they search for ‘the memory’ of the Burghers’ Lodge, a wanderspace that has evolved from a commercial site to an Academy, and from State Archives to temporary exhibition space.

Cultuurcentrum Brugge is a Bruges cultural house that makes stimulating artistic choices with a focus on the distribution of theatre, music, contemporary dance, circus, visual arts and multidisciplinary projects. Specifically in the field of visual arts, it has been realising exciting and succesful exhibition projects in Exporuimte Poortersloge for several years.

  • 14.04 – 11.08.2024
  • Wanderspace Burghers’ Lodge, Kraanrei 19, 8000 Bruges
  • Mon – Sun, 13:00 – 17:00
  • free entry
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De Republiek
We wake the city

A city can only truly come alive when not everything is fixed. With We wake the city, De Republiek and Architectuuratelier Dertien12 illustrate what opportunities lie hidden in a heritage city if you know how to look at it in a generous way. We stimulate the imagination and provide suggestions for new interpretations.

A city can only really come alive when not everything is fixed. With We wake the City, De Republiek and Architectuuratelier Dertien12 stimulate the imagination as part of Bruges Triennial with a special edition of Brieven aan de Stad and an urban expedition.

  • 4 walks, 4 talks
  • Fri 03.05.2024 & Sat 04.05.2024
  • Bruges city centre
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Het Entrepot
At Rise Of Curtain by Brecht Vanhoutte

The young Bruges video artist Brecht Vanhoutte interweaves different art forms in At Rise Of Curtain. It is an installation, performance decor and the scenography for Brecht's film debut in the making. Step inside De Bond Cultural Center and become part of this place in transformation. At Rise Of Curtain explores the impact of public involvement in a place and examines the blur between fiction and reality. With this project, Vanhoutte explores themes such as creativity, identity and mental health.

The Entrepot is a creative haven for young people in Bruges. It encourages, facilitates and highlights various forms of youth creativity.You also know Het Entrepot from, among others, community radio Villa Bota, studio operation De Tank or open audio and print studio Het Lab.

  • 14.04 – 01.09.2024
  • De Bond, Buiten de Smedevest 1, 8000 Bruges
  • free entry
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Musea Brugge
Rebel Garden

With Rebel Garden, Musea Brugge presents an exhibition around today’s most pressing topic: climate change. What is our impact on nature, and how does this affect the environment? Featuring both historic and contemporary artworks, the exhibition takes a close look at the tumultuous relationship between humans and nature and places a finger on the painful wound that is the climate crisis. On show from the permanent collection are works by Roger Raveel, Emile Claus and Otobong Nkanga, amongst others, but also expect top works by contemporary artists such as Guillaume Bijl, Christine Ödlund, Giuseppe Penone, Rose Wylie and Per Kristian Nygård.

Musea Brugge connects art, culture, heritage and people. And all at 13 unique sites within the walls of the city. Connect to contemporary and classical visual art, historic buildings, the best views and exclusive exhibitions.

  • 13.04 – 01.09.2024
  • Groeningemuseum, Gruuthusemuseum and Museum St John’s Hospital
  • Tue – Sun, 09:30 – 17:00
  • paid entry, tickets via museabrugge.be/rebelgarden
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Triennial Beaufort 2024

We also joined forces with a cultural player in Zeebrugge, where a co-production with Triennial Beaufort 2024 will broaden our programme beyond the boundaries of the historic centre of Bruges.

Triennial Beaufort is a triennial for contemporary art that has been taking place since 2003 along the sea walls, beaches and dunes of the Belgian coast.

  • 27.03 – 03.11.2024
  • free entry