Anne K. Senstad

Anne K Senstad

Anne Katrine Senstad (b. 1967, Oslo, NO) works with installation art, photography, video, site- and time-specific art and land art. She is fascinated by sensory aesthetics, perception and transformation, transcendentalism in art and philosophy and political consciousness. Her site-specific installations and interventions redefine the psychological space in a dialogue with the architecture and the surroundings. Senstad reworks quotes from literary works and philosophy into neon and LED light drawings that are both critical and lyrical and that have a psychological, intellectual and emotional impact on the audience. Senstad lives and works in New York. Her work is exhibited all over the world and included in the collections of galleries, institutions, companies and private collectors.

Gold Guides Me

As globalised urban dwellers, we are constantly reminded of money, possessions and the economy. As citizen, what value do we still have in the city of the future? The spiritual higher authority of the past, has been replaced by the fetishism of power and wealth.

Triennale Brugge 2015 Anne K Senstad Gold Guides Me Jan D Hondt