Vibeke Jensen

Vibeke jensen

Vibeke Jensen (b. 1962, Trondheim, NO) is an architect by training. Her experiences in the metropolis of New York, where she has lived since 1992, and the city’s art scene led her to become a visual artist. The War on Crime, War on Drugs and War on Terror drastically altered the street life and urban character of New York. This impacted on her work, which now revolves around different observational perspectives, around surveillance and control, especially in relation to the public space. Jensen constructs situations, images and sculptures that cause ruptures in the perception of daily life. Vibeke Jensen has exhibited and created urban interventions on several continents. She is a guest lecturer at the Bergen School of Architecture.

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An octagonal structure with an amazing shell of mirror glass stood across from the Belfry on the Market Square. Visitors and residents of Bruges met each other as strangers in this intimate space, where they could observe the people outside but not be visibile themselves.

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