At Rise Of Curtain invites Prille Liefde


During Bruges Triennial and commissioned by our partner Het Entrepot, young Bruges artist Brecht Vanhoutte invites a different collective each month in his cinematic setting At Rise Of Curtain. On Friday 12 July 2024, the audiovisual collective zorm will provide a one-day installation that will take you dancing into the night.

Date & time
11:00 – 23:59
De Bond, Buiten Smedenvest 1
In co-production with
Het Entrepot

Under the title 'Prille Liefde', curator Lisa Longworth invites the collective zorm to experiment. On the first floor of the old cotton and wool weaving mill De Bond, they investigate how images and sounds from the past resonate or reverberate in the present and future. It is an encounter from Brussels with Bruges as a first love. They invite you to come and enjoy this time and dance into the night with performers and audio artists.