Nle Kunle Adeyemi MFS III Minne Floating School Iwan Baan
Kunlé Adeyemi

MFS III – Minne Floating School

In 2016 NLÉ won the Silver Lion for his Floating School in Venice. For Bruges, he refined the installation creating a floating classroom on Bruges' Minnewater.

MFS III - Minne Floating School is the third version of the floating school. It serves as the prototype of a structure that meets our physical and social needs in the face of the ever-growing challenges posed by climate change. It is not just a mobile building that can adapt to changing tides worldwide and is sturdy enough to withstand floods or severe storms. It is also an inspiration to shape possible alternatives around renewable energy and solutions around land reclamation. On the iconic Minnewater, this school became a place of collaboration, where pupils from Bruges schools could take classes and exhibit works. MFS III is a versatile, flexible structure that houses a classroom, an exhibition space and a meeting place on the water; an architectural project ready for the liquid future.

Kunle Adeyemi

Kunlé Adeyemi

Kunlé Adeyemi (b. 1976, Kaduna, NG) studied architecture in Nigeria and emigrated to the Netherlands, where he worked for ten years for the famous Office for Metropolitan Architecture of Rotterdam (OMA).