Kunlé Adeyemi

Kunle Adeyemi

Kunlé Adeyemi (b. 1976, Kaduna, NG) studied architecture in Nigeria and emigrated to the Netherlands, where he worked for ten years for the famous Office for Metropolitan Architecture of Rotterdam (OMA). He has led the design, development and execution of various prestigious international projects, such as Rock- Chicago Lakefront Kiosk, Chicago Radio Media Center, Port Harcourt and Black Rhino Academy in Tanzania. Then he founded his own NLÉ studio in Amsterdam, which means house in Nigerian. Adeyemi sees his work as a social task : according to him, urban development and architecture should contribute to the improvement of society.


MFS III – Minne Floating School

In 2016 NLÉ won the Silver Lion for his Floating School in Venice. For Bruges, he refined the installation creating a floating classroom on Bruges' Minnewater.

Nle Kunle Adeyemi MFS III Minne Floating School Iwan Baan