Ivan Morison

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Artist Ivan Morison (b. 1974, Istanbul, TR) has established an ambitious situated practice that transcends traditional divisions between art, architecture, theatre and activism. His work is often performance-based and site-specific, existing as one-off events and large-scale installations and buildings in public spaces.

Over the past twenty years, Ivan Morison has also collaborated with Heather Peak (b. 1973, UK), describing the work they do as constructed from layers of social sculpture and sculptural space. Their interventions turn visitors and passers-by into participants, highlighting both the context and the social relationships entwined therein. They either clash with the environment, or embed themselves in it, making use of natural materials that discolour, transform, or degrade over time until they become ‘ruins from the future’ …

In 2007, Heather Peak and Ivan Morison represented Wales at the Venice Biennale of Art with Pleasure Island. Recently, Art/Books published Love Me or Leave Me Alone: The Very Public Art of Heather and Ivan Morison, a monograph of their public works over the last fifteen years.


About the location

For those looking for a breath of fresh air at the coast, Zeebrugge is home to the work of Ivan Morison, also part of Beaufort 2024.

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