Portret Daniel Norell en Einar Rodhe Norell Rodhe
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Daniel Norell (b. 1973, Stockholm, SE) and Einar Rodhe (b. 1982, Uppsala, SE) established Norell/Rodhe in 2012. The Stockholm-based architecture practice views its work as a mediation between environment and user, or between the historical and contemporary, wherein an existing context shapes or contributes to a new one.

By making extensive use of local or reclaimed materials, Norell/Rodhe allow their designs to be co-determined by the forms and textures of materials at hand. Spaces and objects are puzzled into new configurations that feel familiar, yet different. Their work is an invitation to use materials more thoughtfully in the future, and to start architecture where buildings end.

Norell/Rodhe’s work has been exhibited at the 2018 and 2023 Venice Architecture Biennales, and at the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennial, where they participated with the maquette series Under Construction.


Norell/Rodhe's Raamland, situated between Oostmeers and Westmeers, takes the form of a new community garden. The Swedish architecture firm has redeveloped the square in Sint-Obrechtsstraat and transformed it into an exciting and inspirational meeting place.

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