Laura Splan

Portret Laura Splan

In the multidisciplinary practice of Laura Splan (b. 1973, US), a special symbiosis between science, technology, design and art can be witnessed. The artist is fascinated by the molecular structures of viruses, the history of medical instruments and the details of human anatomy. Laura Splan's participation in research projects strongly defines her artistic imagery and connects hidden artifacts of biotechnology with everyday life. Using traditional and contemporary techniques, such as weaving and 3D printing, the artist creates sculptures and objects that resemble cells, viruses or membranes. For these, she uses various materials such as wool, wallpaper, silicone and vinyl. With her poetic confrontations, Laura Splan raises complex biomedical issues, while expressing her curiosity and wonder. Beauty reveals itself amidst the chaos and the audience is challenged to think critically about the role of biotechnology in everyday life.


The outbreak of the coronavirus inspired Laura Splan to create the installation called Disentanglement.

01 Laura Splan Disentanglement 2021 Triennale Brugge by Matthias Desmet