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Bruges Triennial 2021


With the theme of TraumA, Bruges Triennial 2021 dived into the uncanny history and reality of Bruges. Historical layers were exposed, forgotten or hidden storylines discussed. This edition explored the thin line between dream and trauma, between paradise and hell. It appealed to the imagination, to the pomp and circumstance, but also to the "unheimliche" that is present underground. For although Bruges seems to be a dream destination for many, poverty, loneliness, pollution or fear also lurk in this picture-perfect world.

Bruges Triennial 2021: TraumA used thirteen artistic and architectural interventions to bring the hidden aspects of a city to the surface and make them part of the Bruges’ image. It created a polyphonic discourse, where there was room for imagination, beauty, darkness and complexity. A space where artists and architects could explore both the stage and the dusty wings. Bruges Triennial 2021: TraumA balanced between the present and the hidden. With a course of sculptural, architectural and organic creations, the installations were a celebration of the versatility and mobility of this city. Between private and public. Between dream and nightmare.

Curators: Till-Holger Borchert (b. 1967, Hamburg, DE), Santiago De Waele, Michel Dewilde (b. 1963, Ghent, BE), Els Wuyts (b. 1976, Oudenaarde, BE)