Wesley Meuris

Wesley meuris

Wesley Meuris (b. 1977, Antwerpen, BE) studied at LUCA School of Arts and HISK in Antwerp. In 2015, he completed a PhD. Recent solo exhibitions include Enter # 3 - Side at Mu.ZEE (Ostend, BE), Museum of the Futures at the Palais de Justice (Poitiers, FR), The Office at Jeudi (Geneva, CH), Expansion at LaBF15 (Lyon, FR) and R-05.Q-IP.0007 Wesley Meuris at Casino Luxembourg, Forum for Contemporary Art (Luxembourg, LU). In 2007, Bruges hosted his exhibition Artificially Deconstructed in De Bond.



What is the best way to welcome and meet new guests or visitors? Wesley Meuris combined aspects of welcoming spaces in an artistic analysis and in a pavilion.

Triennale Brugge 2018 Wesley Meuris Urban Mode L 2 foto Matthias Desmet