Selgascano selgascano pavilion Iwan Baan
Bruges Triennial 2018

Liquid City | Vloeibare Stad

Bruges Triennial 2018: Liquid City | Vloeibare Stad reaches back to the theme of 2015, which was a reflection on the city as a megapolis. However, in 2018 they took it a step further : how flexible, liquid and resilient can a historic city like Bruges be in an age when nothing seems to be certain any longer? This world is changing rapidly. Established ways of thinking and forms of life are under pressure. What does the future hold?

Bruges Triennial invited international artists and architects to think about these questions. Many of them sought inspiration for their work in the role of liquidity in the city that is literally criss-crossed and surrounded by water. The waterways that once earned Bruges its international renown, became a metaphor for Liquid City. Fifteen works of art, installations and meeting places were put up in the city centre. They formed a hospitable route that brought people together in unexpected spots.

Curators: Till-Holger Borchert (b. 1967, Hamburg, DE), Michel Dewilde (b. 1963, Ghent, BE)