Hans Op de Beeck Danse Macabre 2021 Triennale Brugge 2021 c Stad Brugge Matthias Desmet 5
Hans Op de Beeck

Danse Macabre

The monumental and monochrome sculpture Danse Macabre evokes both a nostalgic and a melancholic feeling.

The carousel looks grey and the horses and carriages seem petrified. In this merry-go-round, time seems frozen, the engine has ground to a halt and all gaiety has disappeared. It has a spooky quality that fluctuates between dream and nightmare. Do the horses go up and down in your imagination? Can you hear the organ playing? Can you smell candyfloss? Or can you just see a still image that refers to the human need to be entertained?

Portret Hans op debeeck Jana Germanus

Hans Op de Beeck

As a multidisciplinary artist, Hans Op de Beeck (b. 1969, Turnhout, BE) follows a remarkable artistic path. The list of media is long, ranging from sculpture and installation, over photography and watercolour to video and opera. During the creative process, the artist often departs from familiar situations and adds an alienating twist.