Bruges Triennial seeks your story


Bruges Triennial 2024: Spaces of Possibility is looking for stories for Adrien Tirtiaux's work about the old connecting road that connected the Old Saint John's Hospital and the Minnewater Clinic between 1938 and 1976. The artist chose this location for his installation for Bruges Triennial 2024. There he will uncover part of this connecting road again.

TRIBRU24 Under the carpet Adrien Tirtiaux

This connecting road - an idea of Prof. Dr. J. Sebrechts, offered an answer to the growing needs of the city. It provided a fast and direct connection between the two hospitals via a spectacular viaduct above the houses of the Wevershof and a tunnel under the entrance of the Minnewater Clinic. When the hospitals were rezoned in 1976, the road fell into disuse. Some sections were demolished, others privatized, and some were overgrown by nature. Adrien Tirtiaux will now use artistic intervention to reclaim a part of that lost connecting road.

Did you live in the neighborhood when the road was still in use, either before, during or after it was demolished? Did you use this road as a doctor, nurse or ambulance driver? Or do you happen to have interesting photo or video footage of it?

Bruges Triennial 2024 is looking for special stories, testimonies or memories about this road to feed the artist's project and make it into a film.

Do you have info? Then send an email to or come to the Meersenhuis, Oostmeers 5 on Tuesday, March 12 between 5 and 10 p.m. and tell your stories to the artist and the team of Bruges Triennial.

In cooperation with Brugge 2030 and Erfgoedcel Brugge.