City map 25/25 contemporary art and architecture in Bruges


'25/25 contemporary art and architecture in Bruges' shows a selection of permanent interventions in the city that are worth (re)discovering.

Stadskaart 2525

Triennial Bruges brings contemporary art and architecture to the inner city of Bruges. A temporary moment, where interventions by national and international names form a trail through the city and make you see the world heritage city with different eyes. But there is more. Bruges has many hidden (and less hidden) works that are a permanent part of the city's heritage. Special contemporary monuments or innovative architectural projects that are visible from the public road, as beacons in the urban fabric.

In the context of Pre-Triennial Bruges 2019, we have started to make an inventory of these works, a selection of which we have compiled in a first overview, a city map 25/25 contemporary art and architecture in Bruges. With this map, we are treading on public territory and want to invite you to go on a voyage of discovery, seek out unexpected places and be surprised by the many fascinating permanent interventions Bruges has to offer. 25/25 is not a best-of selection, nor a division by typology, style or period. It is a palette of interventions, large or small, by well-known or less well-known names, that are worth visiting, (re)discovering and keeping alive the debate on contemporary art and architecture in the World Heritage City and its neighborhoods and boroughs.

The city map 25/25 contemporary art and architecture in Bruges was officially presented on Sunday, July 14, 2019 during the talk Encounter with... art in the city.

Download the digital version here.