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Discover Bruges Triennial with your class or family with our educational packages.

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© Schatten van Vlieg

Bruges Triennial: Spaces of Possibility wants to challenge everyone to help think about new uses for unused or little noticed locations in the city. That is why we are currently working hard on a specific offer for families and class groups. As of April, even the youngest visitors will thus be able to enjoy the art trail in the city center of Bruges.

Last week, students and teachers were invited to the Concertgebouw and the Groeninge Museum to test out playful assignments and share their unvarnished opinions on the works of art present there.

On the basis of the children's findings and the teachers' feedback, Bruges Triennial and Mastiek are developing a program for families and schools. For example, a guided tour will be mapped out, an inspiration folder developed and an art origami game developed.

The summer activity as part of Schatten van Vlieg will also be developed through a participatory process. Pupils from the Spermalie elementary school will work with a professional audio maker for this. Together they will map out a route, research some of the artworks and conduct interviews. The result will be a listening walk that will spark the imagination.

View our full offer for schools and families here.

The educational offer was developed in collaboration with Mastiek.