Adrien Tirtiaux

Portret Adrien Tirtiaux Isabelle Pateer
© Isabelle Pateer

Adrien Tirtiaux (b. 1980, Etterbeek, BE) is an artist and architectural engineer. In his practice, he links the two disciplines in installations and contextual interventions that play with indoors and outdoors, fiction and reality. Towers, bridges and steps for example whether functional or not mobilise the public to participate in his work or to reflect on its underlying message. Tirtiaux works with storylines, in which he translates socio-political questions using raw (building) materials. In projects such as Plus près de Toi (2020, Liège), Endless Column (2021, Louvain-la-Neuve) or The Rich will Survive (2021, IJssel Biennial), he challenged the viewer to take a position on themes such as capitalism and climate change. Colourful, critical and humorous.

Adrien Tirtiaux’s installations can be seen in the public collections of the M HKA and the Middelheim Museum in Antwerp, and the Sammlung des BMUKK in Vienna, amongst others.

Under the Carpet

Under the Carpet is a three-part artwork that invites you to rediscover the disused link road between St John's Hospital and the Minnewater Clinic.

Adrien Tirtiaux Filip Dujardin liggend