Portret Traumnovelle Barbara Salome Felgenhauer
© Barbara Salome Felgenhauer

Traumnovelle (2015, Brussel, BE) was founded in 2015 by the architects Léone Drapeaud (b. 1987, Canberra, AU), Manuel León Fanjul (b. 1990, Charleroi, BE) and Johnny Leya (b. 1990, Kinshasa, DRC). The Brussels-based firm positions itself as a militant faction that weaves fiction and non-fiction into projects on paper or in stone.  

In its work, Traumnovelle highlights socio-political themes through interventions that have a radical impact on their surroundings and thus spark debate. Standard materials are incorporated into buildings, installations and scenographies that highlight the potential of a place and add fresh layers (of meaning) to it. Inspiring you to dream of going further, these collaborative projects design the space for continued growth.  

Traumnovelle appeared on the international radar with Eurotopie, the Belgian contribution to the Venice Biennale (2018). In 2022 they designed the scenography for Horst Festival and were guests at Bozar with the exhibition Project Palace. More recently, their installation Congolisation was on display in Style Congo. Heritage & Heresy at CIVA in Brussels (2023).

The Joyful Apocalypse

With The Joyful Apocalypse, the Brussels architecture firm Traumnovelle is redefining the 13th-century courtyard of the Stadshallen [City Halls]. The 9-metre-high structure elevates the square into a temporary stage and turns the casual passer-by into a dynamic extra. The materials create an impression of perpetual change.

001 Traumnovelle Filip Dujardin