Héctor Zamora

Portret Hector zamora

Héctor Zamora (b. 1974, Mexico City, MEX) wants his work to stimulate the dialogue between art and the general public. His oeuvre is mainly based on interventions that require active participation in performances, installations or films. During the design phase of his installations, the artist thinks about how viewers or visitors can interact with his works and how this interaction can encourage reflection. By introducing certain, often repetitive actions, unexpected and surprising situations arise that rarely occur in a museum context. The interaction also invites the passer-by to reflect on the everyday use of various materials and the possible roles that a certain space can play. In short, tensions between public and private, exterior and interior, real and imaginary are inextricably linked to Héctor Zamora's oeuvre.



A monumental scaffolding in RAL 3024 wraps itself around the Austrian pine in the garden of the Gezelle House.

Hector Zamora Strangler 2021 Labor Mexico Luciana Brito Galeria Sao Paulo Albarran Bourdais Madrid Triennale Brugge 2021 Stad Brugge Matthias Desmet