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Héctor Zamora


A monumental scaffolding in RAL 3024 wraps itself around the Austrian pine in the garden of the Gezelle House.

Key of Héctor Zamora’s intervention is a large Austrian Pine in the centre of the walled garden of Gezellehuis. A scaffolding structure that completely wraps the tree reminds us of the strategy that strangler trees use to grow in tropical forests. Héctor Zamora aims for a clash between the universal symbols of the tree (nature, life, ...) and the use of a scaffolding structure (human being progress, ...), where the choice for RAL 3024 red luminous accentuate this collision. Climbing the scaffolding allows the visitor to interact in a different way with the tree, with nature and ultimately with himself. Whoever completes the climb will gain a different perspective on the tree and its surroundings, like never before.

Portret Hector zamora

Héctor Zamora

Héctor Zamora (b. 1974, Mexico City, MEX) wants his work to stimulate the dialogue between art and the general public. His oeuvre is mainly based on interventions that require active participation in performances, installations or films.