Triennale Brugge 2018 Raumlabor House of Time 2 Foto Iwan Baan

House of Time 

House of Time equals peace, encounter and co-creation. For one year, youngsters came together and jointly transformed the site to a place where everything is possible.

House of Time is a long-term project that was launched by the German architectural firm raumlaborberlin. On an old industrial site along the Ringvaart (canal system surrounding Bruges), the firm collaborated with the ‘Bolwerk’ and the ‘Brugge(n)’ organisations for young people. There, they were working on a house full-time, a place that would be reprogrammed and turned into a meeting and production space by and for young people. The microindustry has evolved gradually into an open space for discovery, experimentation and learning. Mobile units such as a warm water bath or a series of benches were added, but the main focus is on immaterial values: a sense of involvement and commitment to solve problems actively at each stage of the creative process. In order to motivate teenagers to use an urban public space on a permanent basis, raumlaborberlin wishes to break through individualism and enable the local youth to work together as a community to find solutions to their social and community problems via art and architecture.



The collective raumlaborberlin (1999, Berlin, DE) is not an architectural firm but a group of nine architects with the same interest: developing small-scale projects that are deeply rooted in existing local structures.